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With their strong operational experience of crisis situations, Advice & Management’s transition managers and interim managers convey the following core values:

1) Experience

  • Hands-on business experience: our know-how and expertise of exceptional periods of a company’s life lead us, in some cases, to exercise operational responsibilities and, in some cases, assume the control of the client’s company. Hence our expertise, acquired through professional careers and trainings, is constantly developing.

    Advice & Management shares its customers’ ambitions: to restore performance. This could lead our managers to take up executive roles for the duration of the assignment.
  • Handover: at the end of the assignment, Advice & Management organises a hand over to the company’s management team. Its experience in this area ensures a more secure handover for the business.

2) Ethics

  • Ethical conduct: every Advice & Management intervention is performed in accordance with a strict code of ethics: independence, objectivity, respect for individuals, professional confidentiality. Advice & Management’s managers put their clients’ interests first; they are therefore contractually prohibited from becoming their client’s employees or contractors once their assignment is completed.