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The Transition Manager, Real Added Value for Your Business

Advice & Management takes great care in selecting its wide network of transition managers so as to ensure that all its missions are a success. You will benefit from the expertise and the wealth of exclusive skills that come from experienced professionals who are capable of responding to all your needs.

The length of our transition missions will vary depending on the context and magnitude of the crisis situation, but most last around 10 months. Managers will find themselves facing complex economic situations and will put their managerial skills to work to re-establish the situation as quickly as possible. Is your business in trouble? Don't hesitate to get in touch with Advice & Management’s services and capitalise on our skills in:

Crisis management

Day-to-day Crisis Management? It’s All in a Day’s Work for a Transition Manager!

Whether they run up against financial difficulties, plummeting performances, management crisis or disposal of activities, all companies and organisations can go through crisis situations that threaten their long-term prospects. To tackle these crisis situations, you need ultra-high performance management. Quick-fire decisions and precise, well-informed and often radical measures need to be taken to ensure optimal crisis management.

With their unfailing expertise, transition managers are an excellent alternative way of managing these crises appropriately. They analyse the information available, take immediate steps to safeguard staff, implement an internal and external crisis management communications strategy, thereby reassuring the various parties within the company who are facing the crisis.

The transition manager will actually bring in appropriate solutions to tackle the crisis situation and will promote positive practices and communications between staff. Often the result of a fragile and out-of-touch management team, crisis situations need to be rapidly resolved. Transition management is the key to effective crisis management.


When profits are falling, cash flow is drying up, relationships are becoming tense and staff morale is low… it's quite clear that you are facing a crisis situation. You urgently need to find a turnaround or recovery solution and make the vital decisions required to ensure the stability of your business. A transition manager is the key to recovering or turning around failing companies.

Advice & Management’s Expertise Can Restructure and Recover Your Business

After making a precise, operational diagnosis of your situation, the transition manager will draw up a detailed recovery or turnaround plan for your business. Keen to make your recovery operation a success, the transition manager draws on their past experience and previously successful missions. The manager then gets the whole management team involved in the most critical steps of the turnaround or recovery plan.

All of the turnaround and recovery operations conducted by our transition management team have met with genuine success. In addition to the technical aspects of these turnaround and recovery plans, Advice & Management’s managerial competencies, their responsiveness and their analytical skills have a strong bearing on the ultimate success of their turnaround and recovery work.

Performance improvement

Improve Your Performance with Transition Management

At the moment, most companies are looking to permanently improve their performance. There’s no lack of enthusiasm, but perhaps your business is at a low ebb? Does your business’s performance no longer reach your expectations? Advice & Management’s transition managers bring you effective and sustainable solutions to improve your performance. Our transition managers are known for their excellent interpersonal skills, enabling them to fulfil improvement and restructuring objectives… for sustainable performance over the long term!

To improve and achieve the requisite performance levels, to maximise profits and create a sustainable business model, our transition managers principally institute optimisation, change support and methodical organisation processes.

Get Your Teams on Board for Guaranteed Results

By improving your performance, our transition managers represent considerable added value to your business. Genuine experts in their field, they employ practical change support methodologies to ensure that your teams fully endorse this new way of working. Wherever you get the support of your staff, you can get performance improvement… An atmosphere of trust prevails within the teams which is quickly translated into better performance. You will therefore get an immediate return on your investment and a significant improvement in performance.