Bid farewell to crisis situations!

Transition management

Since its emergence in Europe over 30 years ago, transition management has been constantly evolving. 60% of companies now make use of transition management, a management tool designed to get them out of crisis situations or through periods of significant change. Long associated with business restructuring, transition management is now also very much a part of growth management strategy.

Transition management is a business tool which companies can use in order to benefit from a skill which does not exist internally; it offers a solution by rapidly implementing a restructuring or recovery exercise, or by organising the business to ensure its development. In all situations, the solution implemented guarantees a resurgence or increase in the confidence of a company’s workforce, customers and partners.

Transition Management :
a Prospect for Sustainable and Profitable Growth

Whether desired or unwanted, sudden or expected, change is always a strategic issue. The role of transition management is therefore of prime importance. The scope for transition management intervention is very broad, and consequently such a service is generally requested at the highest level within companies, such as the board of directors, management teams, executive committees or other management bodies. It impacts the entire organisation.

Transition management is therefore an opportunity for a company to benefit from the services of a transition manager with many years’ experience across various industries. What is the aim of transition management? To optimise a company’s structure, organisation, management and processes in order that it can improve its performance and strengthen its future position.