The transition manager

A Transition Manager to Resolve a Crisis Situation

Experienced, goal oriented, flexible, efficient, proactive, creative… Transition managers have proved skills and qualities that make them good all-rounders. Transition managers take a methodological approach to intervention and change within the confines of compromised human systems. The transition manager does not have to be an expert in their client’s business sector to understand the issues facing it.

With their knowledge of regulatory processes, transition managers will carry out specific change, restructuring, transition, crisis and/or conflict management missions. Transition managers are external professionals with no career ambitions within the business itself. They work on an entirely neutral basis to institute change, recovery or performance improvement within the company. The team and transition manager can therefore communicate completely freely, operating solely in the company's interests.

With some 20 years of experience in industry behind them, our transition managers have a proven managerial track record. Assuming their role immediately, transition managers are completely integrated into the business, devoting themselves entirely to the mission with which they have been entrusted for a transitional period of around 10 months.