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Create a Climate of Confidence in Your Company with Our Sustainable Solutions

In the course of their lifetime, companies can encounter exceptional circumstances that may compromise their survival or development: failing performances, financial difficulties, management crisis, etc. Efficient solutions need to be implemented.

What are our aims? To help businesses through crisis situations by offering them solutions, relying on our exceptional business acumen and expertise. Managing those particular situations that managers cannot handle alone, improving results through sustainable solutions, reinvigorating performance, helping businesses navigate from crisis to calm waters, managing the unexpected: we can help with all these missions and solutions.

The Fine Art of Finding Solutions!

Missions and solutions are our business. We approach this business as professionals. In order to offer you the best solutions, we rely on our experience, on tried and tested methods, and on the rich array of resources that our networks can offer.

Our four greatest assets are experience, methodology, network and tailored solutions; the quality of these are what makes our company’s service unique and ensures the reliability and security of our missions and the solutions we provide.

Since 2003, Advice & Management has successfully led over 15 missions and offered as many diagnoses and solutions to its clients across Europe.

Our crisis management and development solutions for our clients include:

  • Transition management;
  • Business coaching, which covers both team coaching and management coaching;
  • The four dialects of universal communication.