Privacy policy

Dear Customer, Dear Visitor,

Advice & Management understands that privacy is very important for you, and we do our best to respect it.

That is why your personal data is only used by the Advice & Management; it is never communicated, without your prior consent, to third parties for commercial purposes.

At the same time Advice & Management commits to always keeping you informed about its special offers and promotions that are likely to interest you. However, if you do not wish to receive commercial messages from us, you can easily indicate this anytime you want via email or the web. We will make sure that your choice is respected. The sections below detail how Advice & Management handles your personal data.

Collection and use of personal data

If you want to use our services, you may be asked for some personal data, such as your first and last name, address, e-mail address, telephone number or mobile number. Personal data can be collected through various channels: e.g. orally, by telephone, in writing via order forms or via electronic forms on the websites. We can collect your personal data when you place an order, subscribe to a newsletter, or ask us for information.
In addition, we collect data on your use of our services and websites and on the communication traffic that flows through our network.
This data is used to deliver the required service or information, for customer administration, to provide information about our products, services and offers. All the data we collect can be combined to better adapt our offers to your personal needs.
If you do not wish to receive any information about our products and services, or if you do have a specific preference regarding the communication channels we use to inform you, or if you do not want us to adapt our offer to your usage pattern, you can find out how to prevent this in the "Your wish for privacy" section.
The personal data are stored for up to 10 years after a person has ceased to be an Advice & Management customer.


Privacy policy relating to our websites

You can visit our website without having to enter any personal data.

If you visit a Advice & Management website, we can use your surfing behavior on our websites and other data we have collected to offer you a more personalized set of services and products which are tailored to your specific needs.


What are cookies?

A cookie is a text file that is installed in the browser of your computer or mobile device by a website's server when you consult a website. The cookie contains a unique code which makes it possible for your browser to be recognized when you visit the website ("session" cookies) or during subsequent, repeated visits ("permanent" cookies). Cookies can be installed by the server of the website you visit or by partners of that website. A website's server can only read the cookies it has installed itself, and has no access to other information found in your computer or mobile device. Cookies are stored in the folder of your browser on your computer or mobile device. A cookie usually consists of the name of the server that placed the cookie, an expiry date, and a unique number code.

Cookies generally make the interaction between the visitor and the website faster and easier, and help the visitor navigate between the different parts of a website. Cookies can also be used to make the content or advertisement on a website more relevant for the visitor, and can be adapted to his personal taste and needs.

Different kinds of cookies are used on Advice & Management's websites.

1/ Necessary cookies

These cookies are indispensable for visiting our websites and using certain parts of the websites. For instance, they allow you to navigate between the different parts of the website, fill in forms, place orders, and maintain the contents of your shopping cart.

2/ Functional cookies

Functional cookies are cookies that make it easier for our websites to work, make them more pleasant for visitors, and ensure that you have a more personalized browsing experience. For example, these cookies can remember your language choice and customer segment, or whether you were already asked to participate in a survey so that you are not asked again the next time you visit the website.

3/ Performance cookies

We use performance cookies to obtain information about visitors' use of our websites, in order to improve the content of our websites, adapt them to the wishes of visitors, and make them more user-friendly. For instance, there is a cookie that counts the number of unique visitors, and a cookie that keeps track of the most popular pages.

You can refuse the installation of cookies via your browser settings. You can also remove cookies already installed on your computer or mobile device at any time.

Our websites may contain hyperlinks to websites that are not managed by Advice & Management. Such hyperlinks are provided purely for information purposes. When consulting such websites, we recommend that you carefully read their privacy policy.

Tracking of commercial e-mails from Advice & Management

Advice & Management may send you e-mails in order to keep you informed about its existing and new products, services and promotions, unless you have exercised your right to object. Advice & Management uses tools to measure and follow up the impact of these e-mails: has the e-mail been opened or not, has the hyperlink been clicked on or not, etc. These tools are used to increase the efficiency of e-mail campaigns and to better adapt Advice & Management’s offers to your personal needs.