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Management coaching

Bring Managers Out of the Cold with Management Coaching

Advice & Management is the managers’ closest ally. Management coaching provides invaluable support for lone managers, especially with decision-making. Having an objective, relevant and critical opinion from a trusted confidant can, at such crucial moments, help managers to restore performance over the long term and bring positive results. Getting the support of an independent professional during management meetings or for crucial decision-making, for example, is one of the main features of management coaching.

Advice & Management works with managers by helping them through their current development period, whether start-up, growth, maturity, decline or even crisis.

Our Advice & Management coaches are experts in business development and are themselves experienced entrepreneurs and company managers (Directors, Managing Directors or Business Unit Directors).

Advice & Management coaches are managers who can speak to managers, people who are passionate about their work.

Management Coaching: the Solution to a Range of Problems

Do you recognise any of the following situations?

  • As a CEO, I sometimes feel isolated. Now and again, I would like to have someone objective at my side, someone who could take an overview of the company and with whom I could discuss my projects.
  • As a manager, I want to make my company grow. Regularly having an external adviser to help me define my future goals would be a great help.
  • In the past, the economic situation was easier to handle and mistakes could be rectified easily. Then, it was okay to make mistakes. Nowadays, it is much less the case. The presence of an ‘alter ego’ in management who I could bounce ideas off, just to get some reassurance and to help me make the right decision, would be really useful for me.
  • There are only two of us running the company. It would be great if a third, ‘independent’ person could join us during our meetings: a professional who could think things through with us and who would have the company's best interests in mind.”
  • How do I organise a successor to hand over to without compromising the company, and how do I choose the right person?


With business coaching, Advice & Management has developed an innovative concept that supports directors and managers in tackling all of their business problems (Strategy, Commerce, Marketing, Human Resources, etc.) the aim of which is the operational development of the company.

Just as with sports coaches for top-level athletes, Advice & Management coaches are former directors. They enable managers to hone their skills.

How Business Coaching Meetings Work and the Issues They Cover

In practical terms, management coaching works through regularly-scheduled management meetings. Both parties agree between them how often these meetings are to take place, and this can change at any time to become more or less frequent as required. We recommend starting with fortnightly meetings.

Management coaching meetings generally begin with a brief analysis of all aspects of the company. The coach and the manager then focus on the areas requiring most attention. The agenda can be adapted to deal with any pressing issues, returning to planned subjects at a later point. Meetings generally last for 3 to 4 hours, but when pressing issues arise the meeting may be extended to take up the whole day, or cut short by an hour. When well prepared-for in advance, management coaching meetings can produce encouraging results very quickly. 

The manager and coach will examine together any problem areas of company management. Management coaching therefore gives companies the opportunity to improve the quality of their managerial decision-making and to ultimately master it. The points covered during a management-coaching meeting can vary tremendously, but will generally focus on subjects of strategic importance to the company (e.g. finance, sales, purchasing, human resources, strategy, etc.) and to the manager (e.g. delegation, accountability, availability, succession, etc).

Get on the Fast Track to Success with Management Coaching