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Know-How and Expertise

Crisis management, performance improvement, recovery and turnaround… companies now increasingly require greater qualifications and expertise to face emergency and crisis situations. With its invaluable expertise, Advice & Management can resolve even the most complex situations. In practical terms, our managers offer their specific expertise and skills to assist companies in difficulty.

When they face uncertainty, feel the isolation of their decision-making position or need to motivate their teams, business leaders often wish they had a trusted partner at their side with whom to share their questions, doubts and fears. As former business leaders, we are in a position to help you to uncover and develop your skills or those of your teams and, consequently, increase the value of your business.

Exclusive Managerial Skills, the Cornerstone of our Expertise

Before every assignment, Advice & Management provides a thorough expert analysis of the company’s current situation and its goals. An executive manager with the requested expertise is then assigned to carry out the assignment as effectively as possible. Our invaluable expertise brings an incomparable sense of organisation.

The methodology followed by our professionals is therefore meticulously studied:

  • expected results: defining desired goals;
  • diagnostic: assessing the company’s strengths and weaknesses;
  • action plan: defining the various stages and deliverables;
  • implementation: operational implementation of the plan;
  • hand-over: transferring the road map to management.

Whichever your industry, our extensive network of experienced managers is ideally placed to respond to all your requirements. With rich and varied skills, our experts are carefully selected to ensure your company a bright and promising future in the shortest possible timeframe. Advice & Management’s managers share their expertise on specific assignments that can last from several weeks to several months.