The four universal dialects of communication
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How to Equip Yourself with the Means
to Communicate Effectively with Others

Designed by James Knight, iMA is a powerful universal language, created to maximise communication and relationship building. It focuses on the following individual qualities: mutual liking, trust, understanding and respect. Each of us speaks one of the four iMA dialects, meaning everyone is therefore on the same wavelength as 25% of the world’s population.

iMA is a simple method for observing and understanding the differences in people, then connecting with them on their wavelength. When this happens communication, trust, understanding, co-operation and sales go up, and stress and tension go down. Once you master this, success is just around the corner!

What does iMA mean?

  • i: Identify your iMA colour style, and that of the person you communicate with.
  • M: Modify your message by encoding it in a way that is most likely to be understood by the person you communicate with.
  • A: Adapt the way that you treat a person versus another.

Advice & Management is an accredited iMA practitioner
and runs the following workshops:

  • Human Resources Audit – Which colours do I have in my business? Are they playing the right role to ensure greatest efficiency?
  • iMA Essentials – How to improve my communication and my impact on others (half-day course)
  • High Performance Team Builder – How to create a strong team spirit and accomplish your goals
  • Sales Professionals – How to use iMA dialects to improve your sales figures
  • Customer Driven Service Workshop – How to make customer services more effective, positive, customer-focused, and encourage customer loyalty

What is your iMA colour? Fill out the iMA questionnaire and find out!