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Emergency management or interim management

How Interim Management
Can Fulfil Your Immediate Skilled Management Requirements

Circumstances may arise in which companies have an urgent, temporary requirement for skilled management to fill a sudden skills gap. Here, interim management is the ideal solution. It enables you to deal with this short-term lack of resources or to temporarily replace a failing manager/director. Implementing new IT management systems, launching or improving products and services, reducing costs, human resource management, etc. are all strategic activities which need to be immediately and successfully handled by an interim manager, without threatening the interests of the business and its external partners.

Whether you are launching a major project or facing the prolonged absence of a manager or director, interim management is an opportunity for companies to take on board strategic and operational skills for a limited period.

Interim Managers, Managers of Change

Our interim managers are experienced professionals working independently to provide companies with their expertise. Interim managers therefore assume various responsibilities on behalf of their business clients for a limited period and within the scope of clearly defined missions. These are operational missions in which our interim managers can manage specific business projects or assume managerial control of the entire business or one of its divisions.

Some of the missions carried out by Advice & Management’s interim managers for its clients to date include:

  • Purchasing management;
  • Project management;
  • Business Unit management